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First 12 Days Challenge;; One More Night

Title: One More Night
Genre: Angst
Rating: R
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: 432 W
Warning: Unbeta, Incest
Summary: So he crosses his heart and hopes to die, that he’ll only stay with him one more night.

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Prompt 8: Because of this situation, You and I are like a melody out of tune – Try My Love by THSK

432 W

You and I go hard at each other
Like we’re going to war.
And I know I said it a million times,
But I’ll only stay with you on more night.
(One More Night – Maroon 5)

This is tiring, you think.

The constant yelling and screaming, pushing and shoving, misunderstandings and questioning of doubts, it’s something you should just get use to. You can just walk away right now, just fucking walk off and never come back, ignore the words whatever he had to say and pack your bags and belongings, ignore the fact that the said action will hurt him.

But it’s hard.

It’s hard to walk away when he demands for you to stay. It’s hard when he stops you abruptly and forcefully turns you around to face him. The anger and pain that flashes his eyes when you try to fight back by pulling your wrists away, how he breathes through his nostrils and tries to calm himself. The annoying yet adorable look he gives you right before he swoops down for a breathless kiss.

You’re suppose to push him away but you cling onto his shoulders immediately, fingers curling and head tilting back, as he hurls you up against the door. And before you know it, the two of you are back in his bedroom, and you’re rushing to take off your shirt, fingers fumbling with your lover’s belt as he kisses a spot below your ear. It leaves you shivering, and when he thrusts a leg between yours, you realize that you are so far, too far, gone.

You whisper his name repeatedly in his ear, clinging onto him, as he moves faster and deeper inside of you. You see stars when he bites onto one of your sensitive nipples, and you arch your back, eyes widening, mouth gapping, nails leaving crescent moons on his back.

And when you two finally reach your climaxes, you squeeze your eyes shut, heels digging into his back, as he whispers of “I love you so fucking much” and “mine, only mine” and “JaeJoong”.

You reach up and wipe away a strand of sweaty hair from his forehead, staring into his eyes (into the depths of him, searching, hoping), before pulling him down for a kiss. His mouth moves skillfully over yours, hands trailing up your sides before he breaks away and turns you over. You groan, fingers clenching into the sheets once again.

You know this was just the foreplay of your lovemaking, there’s more to come. And when he enters between your legs once again, teeth nipping on your ear, you tell yourself that tonight would be the last night, the last night that you will ever visit your half brother, Shim Changmin, again.

But it’s a lie, and you and Changmin, both, know that.


Author’s Note: I’ve always wanted to read a fic with half-blooded siblings, I haven’t found those at all (they’re always either full blooded siblings or steps), but this is kind of precious (in a way) to me. I only wished this was longer, but I’m not going to torture myself by making this into a 5+ page one-shot (maybe in the future, but I doubt it because I’m getting bored, really).

I am also probably one of their worst (DBSK) fans ever, shouldn't even call myself a fan, because honestly - I have never heard of DBSK's song "Try My Love". Like I have stated before, these prompts were given to me from my unnie, emda, so yes. Imagine me writing this emo piece based off from the given line, and then searching up later on what the song was really about. Goodness gracious, I sound like a masochist writer. Really, don't ask.

And yes, this is so unoriginal, but I snatched the title and the summary from the lyrics of Maroon 5’s song One More Night. So credits to that awesome band for the awesome song. ♥

Comments are loved and appreciated.


Tags: challenge! 2013, length: drabble, pairing: jaemin

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