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You & I (Embrace in the Far Away Dream)

Title: You and I (Embrace in the Far Away Dream)
Genre: AU Fantasy
Rating: PG
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: 8/12
Warning: Unbeta-ed
Summary: Changmin is a run-away angel.

1A / 1B / 2A / Interlude 1 / 2B / Interlude 2 / 2C / 3

Disclaimer: Snatched the prompt/idea from the manga Same Cell Organism: To Make an Angel. Ficlet & OCs are mine.

394 W

The eternity of my dream is sealed.
(Fairytale – Kalafina)

Four A; In which JaeJoong is determined to find out the truth, and our forgotten angel has one final request.

He kicks a nearby rock as he strolls along the park.

It has been two weeks since he has met the “run-away angel”, two weeks since everything in his life has changed, and honestly, JaeJoong wants to keep it that way. The days are not as gloomy and lonely as they were before, and Changmin – Changmin keeps him entertained. The run-away angel is full of life, witty at times and likes to hit JaeJoong when he wants a midnight snack, but JaeJoong hasn’t felt this happy for as long as he can remember.

But it’s a happiness that JaeJoong questions. The dream he had yesterday scares him for it felt too real yet too unclear. There is something that he needs to know, questions that he needs to be answered, and the only person who can tell him is Changmin.

JaeJoong knows that Changmin is waiting for him patiently, knows that he will never force him to remember things until he was ready. And sometimes, it irks him that Changmin isn’t trying hard enough.

He’s not really sure if he’s ready to accept whatever Changmin throws at him because he’s scared of changes – after all, he is only human. But with a final thought, he runs back home and reassures himself that everything will be okay.

He doesn’t care to stop and apologize when he bumps into random strangers. The faster he gets home, JaeJoong concludes, the faster everything will make sense. He quickens his pace and turns at a sharp corner only to run and collide into a body. The sudden force sends him falling back, and he winces in pain.

Looking up, JaeJoong sees the back of a man dressed in a black suit. An uneasy feeling washes over him, and he’s not sure why the presence of the man makes him feel a little frightened. He stands back up however, bowing and apologizing this time, before running once again.

(He slowly turns his head to a certain angle and watches the human run away from the corner of his eyes. ‘How careless,’ he thinks bitterly as he manifests back to his stand.

He immediately hears footsteps tap against the marbled floor behind him, and his lips curve into a sad smile. “Welcome back,” his friend greets him, and he turns around to face him.

“I have one final and last request.”)


Author’s Note: At first, I told myself to put this aside and work on my other writing projects. After a while of writing, I realized that I would never get them done if I didn’t work on this instead.

So here I am – with an update. It’s unofficial, but there will probably be only three more updates for this series. Honestly, I wanted it long (much, much longer), but the way how it was written, didn’t work out too well. Really, I hope you, my readers, don’t mind the shortness.

Comments are loved and appreciated.

Tags: ds: you&i(embrace), length: drabble-series, pairing: jaemin

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