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You & I

Title: You and I (Embrace in the Far Away Dream)
Genre: AU Fantasy
Rating: PG
Pairing: JaeMin
Length: 8/12?
Warning: Unbeta-ed
Summary: Changmin is a run-away angel. “If I can return all of your tears back into the sea, will the sins and pain be forgotten too?” (Butterfly Kiss Rave)

1A / 1B / 2A / Interlude 1 / 2B / Interlude 2 / 2C

Disclaimer: Snatched the prompt/idea from the manga Same Cell Organism: To Make an Angel. Ficlet & OCs are mine.

472 W

I can almost see you
(I Can Almost See You – Hammock)

Three; In which JaeJoong dreams of a long forgotten memory.

He is suppose to be reviewing for his upcoming exam (it’s in four days), but when Mr. Jenkins walks out of the room to take an important call, JaeJoong decides to let his mind wander off instead. He closes his eyes and dreams of a beautiful woman. He notices how shiny and black her hair is, and how her pretty lips are painted in red velvet lipstick.

She waves at him, smiling, and JaeJoong, confused, waves back. When a little boy, about the age of seven, runs through him, he realizes he’s just a nonexistent image within a dream. He takes a step closer towards the couple and then stops. A pleasant and familiar scent of sweet honey and cinnamon hits his nostrils, and JaeJoong lets out a little sigh.

“Mommy, mommy! Look what I found!”

He takes another step forward when the boy’s mother crouches down next to him. She talks in a soft low voice, but loud enough for JaeJoong to hear her. He frowns upon hearing the words, “soft white feather”.

White feather? He questions. It somehow reminds him of Changmin.

“Mommy, how do we become angels?”

“Hm? How do we become angels?”

“Yeah, I made a new friend the other day, and he had these beautiful wings. They looked and felt so real! So I was wondering if it’s possible if he was an angel.”

She chuckles and ruffles her son’s hair. “I heard that we become angels when we leave this world, but honestly, mommy doesn’t know either.”

A twinge of pain hits the soft spot of his chest when the little boy says, “Mommy, I want to be an angel. That way I can always protect you forever and forever.”

“But mommy would miss you if you became an angel. Let mommy protect you instead.” She pauses and watches as her little boy pouts and crosses his arms over his chest. The small gesture makes her want to giggle, but she smiles instead and continues. “You don’t have to be an angel to protect mommy. When you’re all big and taller and grown up, you can protect mommy just like you said.”

The corners of the boy’s lips turn and form into a smile. “I can still protect mommy without wings?”

She nods and laughs when he suddenly pounces onto her, wrapping his arms over her neck and placing a sloppy kiss onto the left side of her cheek. “I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you too my little JaeJoong.”

Realization hits him hard in the gut, and JaeJoong opens his eyes, swallowing away the lump that formed in the back of his throat. A long forgotten memory of his childhood – ‘Mom.’ He lifts up his head from his arms and desk, turns, and looks out of the window.

“Changmin,” he silently whispers into the air.


Author's Note: Hi kids. No I'm still dead, but I'm trying to find an excuse not to study for my Art History exam (well don't I just sound like JaeJoong). I hope this particular part wasn't too confusing. I tried to include as much as I can but also as little as possible to not give the whole story away yet. Not sure if I did it correctly but blah.

Comments are loved and appreciated.

Tags: ds: you&i(embrace), length: drabble-series, pairing: jaemin

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